vinyl valances 1008 (2)

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La cenefas en vinilo 1008 (2) now made of professional quality vinyl and in Spain, Take advantage of the SUPER OFFER 3X2 AND GET FREE the one with the lowest value.

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La cenefas en vinilo 1008 (2) They keep no background so inside the vinyl will be the color of your wall. The design comes fully cut into panels 60 cm wide to facilitate installation. The decals can choose them 48 different colors. The photographs of the catalog serve to show an example of how you can be on the wall or surface where it is going to paste. Each of the measures is the total vinyl surface, not each drawing, once you have in house, the crop and distribute able as you please, all vinyls come with installation instructions inside. If you have any questions about this please contact us vinyl through our email –

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bright yellow, yellow butter, yellow stone, yellow spring, blue, light blue, cobalt blue, dark blue, blue reflex, ultramarine blue, Blue lived, beige, White, Bordeaux, Grey, light grey, dark gray, lavender, lila, magenta, ivory, marisma, chocolate brown, light brown, orange, light orange, negro, air, silver metallic, Red, red poppy, medium red, rosa, turquoise, green Forest, green grass, verde kelly, green lime, Violet

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