Vinyls for Camper and Motorhomes. Transport T1, T2, T3, T4… Mercedes, Fiat, Ford

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Get now the vinyls for Camper and Motorhomes. Transport T1, T2, T3, T4… Mercedes, Fiat, Ford at the best price and highest quality.

Sizes available in cm and width x height:

Size 3: 60×22 Size 4: 90×32 Size 5: 120×42
Size 6: 150×54 Size 7: 180×65 Size 8: 210×75

Do you want an exact measurement or would you like to make any changes to this design so that it better represents you?? ask us!

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These stickers for vans and motorhomes are made of high quality vinyl and German manufacturing, so we can guarantee a long life without damage or adhesion problems or loss of color, Unlike the vast majority of van stickers, our vinyls are not printed., the vinyl with which it is manufactured is of that color itself and that gives it an incredible resistance to scratches and an exceptional ease of molding to the surface where it is to be placed..

Decorative vinyl for vans and motorhomes, also called stickers for vans or motorhomes, Unlike these, the vinyls are made with material of the requested color and therefore impossible to scratch and without any type of transparent edge., so that once installed the resulting effect is that of the design painted directly on the van, in this question where it eradicates the main difference in a sticker for van O stickers for vans and a vinyl for van with a perfect final result and quality.



If you want to make a design that you have in mind but you cannot find or you like one of our catalog but you would like to change something, because you like vinyl but maybe a climber will come out and you will be a surfer? No problem, contact us and tell us, almost certainly it can be fixed and thus have a truly unique and exclusive vinyl that represents you and your van perfectly.



All our vinyl designs for vans or motorhomes are delivered in panels of maximum 60 cm wide to facilitate installation, once installed, no joints are noticeable since the panels overlap one on top of the other to prevent the opening of the joint, with the vinyl you will receive some instructions that will help you to place it.


You have a wide range of colors in which to choose your vinyl and make it look great on your van, the colors shown are indicative and may vary depending on the calibration of your monitor. Matte finish colors, If you want it with a gloss finish, consult us for availability..


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bright yellow, yellow butter, yellow stone, yellow spring, blue, light blue, cobalt blue, dark blue, blue reflex, ultramarine blue, Blue lived, beige, White, Bordeaux, Grey, light grey, dark gray, lavender, lila, magenta, ivory, marisma, chocolate brown, light brown, orange, light orange, negro, air, silver metallic, Red, red poppy, medium red, rosa, turquoise, green Forest, green grass, verde kelly, green lime, Violet


Side – 2, Side -1, The 2 sides


size 3, size 4, size 5, size 6, size 7, size 8